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Enter Athletes into Relay Events


This is the most tedious part of the program (It may reflect the fact that it is the most tedious part of coaching). You will want to be very careful when doing this. Always double check your entries for accuracy.


1. Assuming that you have just started the program and opened the correct database, you will need to click on the Meets button from the menu bar. Then click on the ENTRIES button. You have a couple of options here that you can explore on your own, but to get you started, select Entries by Event.



2. This screen will allow you to enter your athletes into their events (Organized by Event). Any one of the previous options will work, we invite you to experiment and pick the one that works best for you.


3. On the EVENT ENTRY screen, the top of the screen will show the events and the bottom of the screen will show the athletes. When you click on an event, the bottom pane will update with the available athletes. (Most likely will show male athletes in male event and vice versa).


4. To enter an athlete into a relay event.....