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Export Meet Entries to the Meet Director


This is the last step when preparing your team for a meet. In this step, we will be exporting the entries that you have already created into a .zip file that you will be able to e-mail to the meet director.


We are going to export our file to the default location, then I will show you how to find the correct file when we e-mail it to the race director.




To export your entries....






In order to find the file, go to My Computer, double click on the C: drive and look for the folder named "TFTMwinData." Once you open the folder, look at the file name of the .zip file that you just created.





You will need to be able to find this file when you attach it in your e-mail.



Congrats, you are finished!!! Sit back and enjoy. Don't worry, next time will be easier!!