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Creating a Database

Adding a Team


Managing Athletes


Adding Athletes

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Creating Meets

Entering Athletes into Ind. Events

Entering Athletes into Relay Events

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Exporting Entries to the Meet Director


Meet Manager

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Introduction to Hy-Tek Team Manager


Hy-Tek Team Manager is an easy to use Track and Field team management program that allows you to easily  collect all types of information about your team. Meet managers will encourage you to use this software because exporting the meet entries and sending them will not only make their jobs easier, but will make your life easier. The Team manager will not only allow you to do meet entries, organize the entries better, and double-check to make sure all of your athletes are in the right events and don't exceed the meet limits, but it also allows you to neatly store the athletes contact information as well as past results and team records. You can even ask the meet director to give you a file that you can import into the Team Manager that will allow you to easily create team-meet summaries for you athletes.


We have created this help section to allow you to create your own team database using Hy-Tek Team Manager. Check out each topic and follow the walk-through!! You will be on your way to better managing your team and finding out how technology can and will make your life easier.


Download the Hy-Tek Team Manager here